Look at the airport LiJiaXin street pats, hand Celine Luggage (smiling face bag) is very grab an eye! Celine smiling face bag. It was a simple sense, and unique design, the design of the large capacity to bag, is female star devotion!

The airport or Yang mi street pats, but not before so bloated, the other a chanel bag, it seems very love this brand Yang mi, don't also want to start and zhou xun rob chanel of a number? !

Zhou xun needless to say, the representative of the first domestic chanel, so her style more diverse, this kind of blue rhombohedrons slot bags does not see more!

"Heavenly king sister-in-law" XiongDaiLin out street goods also choose Saul of this everything rhombohedrons slot bags, shoulder bag is famous for street cheap filar socks, strong contrast!

Former actress QiuShuZhen Christmas, Christmas party wearing black family is very low-key, but on the platinum bag is the symbol of status. Love MaShi platinum bag is the status symbol!

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